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Lifetime income expert Todd Phillips keeps you up to date on the latest lifetime income flows to help ensure you NEVER run out of money in retirement.

Each month he’ll update you about the changing rules for safe money investing, introducing easy, step-by-step, “paint by the numbers” tools that you can readily implement to safely secure your future.


Legal threat expert Richard Durfee America’s leading authority on stopping legal threats before they start, has properly shielded thousands of estates nationwide from creditors, predators, and the IRS.

Richard is recognized nationwide as a pioneer of preventive law strategies and has properly shielded thousands of estates nationwide from creditors, predators, and the IRS.


Legacy threat expert Melodie Gatz keeps you on top of using charitable structures to transform your estate into a virtual fortress of financial security that keeps on giving.

Melodie will share her legacy and gifting expertise in solving tax and legal actions, showing you how to transform your estate into a virtual fortress of financial security that keeps on giving.

As you know… the world is changing faster than ever before with new laws changing the game all the time.

Discover your own personal dream team, keeping you up-to-date as you navigate safely through these changes.

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