Will Your Retirement and Estate Survive 2024’s New Threats?

4 simple solutions you must use NOW to help future-proof your wealth

Dear Friend,

We all like to think sudden wealth-destroying disasters couldn’t happen to us.

Until they do.

Then you stare in shock at your ruined life, unable to repair what could have been easily prevented.

You could have $100,000. You could have $10 million. It doesn’t change the situation.

Whether you know it or not, you and those you love are vulnerable to sudden, unforeseen threats that can ultimately destroy your family’s financial future.

In fact, in 2024, there are four MAJOR threats to your wealth that could strike at any moment: next month… next week… even tomorrow.

And if you don’t have simple – but effective – defensive strategies already in place for each of these new wealth wipeouts, tomorrow could be too late.

The four threats are…

  1. Financial (running out of money during retirement… faster than you ever thought possible): Not only is inflation vaporizing your savings, but Washington’s coming for your retirement funds and other assets with ruinous new tax hikes.

  2. Health (escalating health and long-term care costs wiping you out financially): Skyrocketing costs have rocked long-term health care. What’s more, some 38% of COVID-19 deaths were in crowded, understaffed nursing homes. Some costs are accelerating at twice the rate of inflation – and could bankrupt millions of unsuspecting retirees.

  3. Legal (unexpected, frivolous lawsuits emptying your bank account): Few know this, but the biggest financial danger families face today is… themselves and their relatives. (One common legal maneuver can ruin your entire retirement or estate, leaving it near penniless.)

  4. Legacy (losing your family legacy to lawyers or scammers): As morbid as it is, “sudden death” without adequate preparation can result in your family not having control of your money – and ending up cheated out of their inheritance.

Yet here’s the good news:

Simple, easy, and inexpensive defenses exist for each of these four new threats.

These defensive strategies can make your wealth, income, and overall retirement prosperity virtually IMMUNE to the worst retirement and inheritance risks you face today.

They can not only provide iron-clad security for your family’s wealth… they can also elevate it to new levels of prosperity.

But you must get started right away.

Mega-broker Schwab agrees:

This is true even if you already have a retirement or estate plan in place because you must make sure it is up to date to face 2024’s new attacks.

Politicians and bureaucrats are constantly thinking up new ways to separate you from your savings.

They have entire government departments dedicated to nothing else than “revenue enhancement,” tricky rules and hidden taxes that can drain your wealth away.

Even if you have an existing estate or retirement plan…

If your plan hasn’t been updated to protect you from today’s newest threats, you’re likely vulnerable.

It’s not just the rich. The middle class is also in the crosshairs. No one is immune.

The Wall Street Journal broadcast this fact:

Business Insider echoes those wise words:

And the financial experts at Ameriprise also agree:

So in the next 10 minutes, I’m going to share the simple wealth protection solutions for each of the FOUR major threats you currently face – and reveal how you can get FREE access to those easy solutions and to the experts who can help you put them in place.

And then, I’ll wrap it all up by telling you how you can get your hands on automatic updates that will keep you safe for life.

But first, let me introduce myself…

20 Years of Helping People Keep Their Money Safe

Roger Michalski

Roger Michalski:
Publisher, Eagle Financial Publications

Hello. I’m Roger Michalski, publisher of Eagle Financial Publications.

Every day, we help protect and build the wealth of around 275,000 individuals across America.

We’ve been at it for 20 years… and continue our rapid growth because of our simple and highly effective solutions.

Now we’ve assembled a team of America’s top experts to help protect you from hidden dangers to your retirement account and financial legacy… like the four specific threats I’m about to dive deeper into…

Not only that, these experts can also help you reach new levels of wealth and prosperity.

So, let’s get started with…

Threat #1:
Outliving Your Money… and the Lifetime Income Solution

The single biggest threat retirees face is running out of money in retirement.

Unfortunately, thanks to recent developments, this danger is more real than ever before, according to lifetime income expert Todd Phillips.

Every day, we help protect and build the wealth of around 275,000 individuals across America.

Specifically, if you depend on a traditional 401(k) pension account or an IRA… or any other tax-deferred savings… you need to know about a new, little-known but MASSIVE attack on your wealth.

The truth is, inflation eating away at your savings isn’t your biggest worry. The money you depend on for your future is about to be plundered by Washington. Even the bureaucrats there admit it.

In a rare moment of honesty, a former U.S. Treasury official let his guard down… and revealed the government’s secret plan to steal your retirement savings.

It started when he was asked about the national debt. He basically said he didn’t care.

And a chill swept the room as he explained why:

Americans have $18 trillion in “qualified,” supposedly tax-free savings accounts, he said. As a result, the government doesn’t have to worry about the debt.

What this bureaucrat understood is that this vast pool of cash will soon be taxed at an average rate of 30% when you take your “required minimum distributions.”

And it’s actually much worse than that.

The government also gets a second bite out of your accumulated savings… with a 40% estate tax that kicks in when your retirement savings are passed down to a non-spousal beneficiary, such as your children or heirs.

The Treasury official then explained that for all your working years, contributing to a 401(k) or IRA, “Investors assume all the investment risks. And when they make money, they are growing the IRS’s future tax revenue.”

This bureaucrat then emphasized that, for the IRS, time is on its side. By 2030, there will be 70 million Americans over the age of 65 – and the government can legally pry open the lids of their piggy banks and help itself.

By then, most will be paying taxes on these tax-deferred investments.

This is what the IRS has been waiting for: Your money to grow while it’s tax-deferred – so when you withdraw money to live on, the agency can tax the daylights out of your principal AND your profits.

And remember, the IRS is also patiently waiting to tax your heirs on these same accounts.

That’s how the government plans on leeching away your “tax deferred” retirement money from you.

Yet it doesn’t stop there. Not by a long shot.

Both Congress and the IRS are not happy collecting from “just” your tax-deferred money.

Your life’s savings are under attack.

Now they even want your supposedly “tax-free” Roth IRA.

Sure enough, Congress recently passed a law giving them a sneaky way to tax your tax-free Roth IRA.

And this backdoor threat was passed overwhelmingly by BOTH Democrats and Republicans.

The Wall Street Journal warns…

“… the bill would actually reduce the value of ALL retirement savings plans: individual retirement accounts, 401(k)s, Roth IRAs, the works.”

Now, these thieves know the money you put in your Roth IRA has already been taxed. So they had to devise a sneaky new way to get it from you.

And this new law certainly does its job.

However, what if you never had to worry about the government grabbing your IRA, 401(k), or other retirement accounts?

Because if you act fast, you can protect what you own in an impregnable fortress…

And take away the worry about running out of money during your retirement.


Todd Phillips:
Lifetime Income Expert

Todd Phillips, our lifetime income expert, has published a new report that reveals…

Special Report

It’s all inside Todd’s new report, “How to Create Your Own Retirement Time Machine.”

Todd’s report has won him industrywide acclaim for helping countless seniors secure lifetime safe money investments.

Yet you can access “How to Create Your Own Retirement Time Machine” as part of a FREE collection of retirement and estate-planning solutions called “Generational Wealth: Ironclad Protection Against Today’s 4 Biggest Retirement and Estate-Planning Threats.”

I’ll tell you how you can get a copy in a moment.

But first, let me show you the second menace to your money in 2024 that could devastate your retirement, prosperity, and financial legacy.

I’m certain you’ve already heard about it.

In 2023 – and continuing in 2024 – it’s taken a dramatic turn for the worse.

You need to protect yourself, your spouse, and those you love from…

Threat #2:
A 91% Likelihood This Disaster Could Wipe Out Your Entire Estate… and How to Make Sure It Doesn’t!

If you’re married and over 65…

There’s a 91% likelihood that one spouse will incur serious long-term health care costs… that could wipe out your retirement nest egg and financial legacy.

In fact, out-of-control health and long-term care costs could leave you or your spouse destitute, relying on your children or (worse!) the government for the rest of your life.

For example, the new “average” cost for a private room in a nursing home is $297 per day. That’s $108,405 annually.

And not only are prices rising rapidly…

These six-figure annual costs are NOT paid by Medicare or most health care plans.

Who’s going to shell out that kind of cash?

You are.

No one else is stepping forward to pay. Not even most insurance companies.

Long-term health care is generally NOT covered by:

Special Report

This is why the American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance informs us…

“For seniors on Medicare, the benefits are quite limited.”

Well, that’s not 100% true.

Under certain conditions, Medicare may pay 43% of the bill, AFTER your entire estate is stripped of everything you own.

So why not just get long-term care insurance?

MetLife long-term care rates have risen 13.5%. That’s more than DOUBLE the rate of today’s ridiculously high inflation.

And long-term care insurance is only going to get more expensive each year you wait.

So if you don’t prepare today, right now… you’ll be unprotected when this threat strikes, and your family’s accumulated wealth could be ripped away.

However, there is an easy solution to this problem. It’s called leveraged care.


David Phillips:
Long-Term Care and
Estate Planning Expert

David Phillips, our long-term care and estate-planning expert, has published a new special report on the benefits of “leveraged care” and how it protects you against soaring health care costs.

David’s report shows you:

Report Cover

David is America’s #1 long-term care planning expert. He’s dedicated his life to protecting retirees like you from today’s new retirement threats.

And he is uniquely qualified to give you critical details about these virtually unknown solutions…

And you can get them all in David’s report, “Leveraged Care Solutions: Answers to Today’s Long-Term Care Crisis.”

It’s the second part of the FREE collection of retirement and estate-planning solutions in “Generational Wealth: Ironclad Protection Against Today’s 4 Biggest Retirement and Estate-Planning Threats.”

However, a lesser-known but even more dangerous threat grows day by day…

Threat #3:
Legal Liabilities from Relatives Could Destroy Your Life Savings… Unless You Take These Simple Steps

The (surprise!)
biggest threat to your retirement
and estate: divorce.

This may come as a shock… but family legal threats are the single most devastating threats to your retirement and estate

And the biggest family threat – by far – is divorce.

Millions of successful people and families are blindsided by this… especially seniors.

In fact, seniors are the fastest-growing age group for divorce, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

Divorce can devastate both spouses’ long-term financial security. Here’s how:

Many seniors have been married for a long time.

And long-term marriage usually means alimony if they divorce.

Imagine having to make massive monthly payments for the rest of your life.

Even worse, it’s customary for judges to demand that alimony payments be insured.

Often with a life insurance policy that you have to purchase yourself.

And if you’re over 55… good luck getting a new policy you can afford.

Here’s an example: Joe Dillon, a successful MBA and professional mediator, reported that at age 58… his estimate to merely renew his “affordable” term policy was a hefty $21,358 per year.

This amounts to a double danger:

Alimony alone is already hard to afford… And now you must also pay outrageous term life insurance premiums to insure it?

What if you have to sell off your assets to cover these new expenses?

Joe Dillon’s
“affordable” term policy
could cost him $21,358 per year.

What if you have to sell off your assets to cover these new expenses?

It can quickly eat up what’s left of your estate.

And if you’re already retired, it can force you to go back to work, full time.

To add to the nightmare… 85% of senior divorces are not shared decisions, according to AARP.

This means one of you will probably NOT want to divorce.

Yet, if either one of you contest (litigate) your divorce… you could conceivably have to spend upward of $75,000 to $150,000 in court costs and attorney’s fees… provided you can settle things in your first trip to court.

The bad news continues…

Many potential divorcees don’t stop to think how – as a couple – you share living expenses. Suddenly there are two house payments… two sets of property taxes… and two of each utility bill.

In other words, your cost-of-living expenses virtually double, busting many people’s budgets.

Richard Durfee

Richard Durfee:
Legendary Estate Attorney

But there’s good news here too: There are many simple and inexpensive ways to stop a senior divorce before it starts… and help maintain the love and companionship in your marriage.

To help you discover these solutions, our legal and family threat expert is legendary pioneering attorney Richard Durfee.

Richard is America’s leading authority on preventive law, which means stopping legal threats before they start.

And here’s a sneak peek at a report Richard wrote to help solve the threats that family crises pose to your retirement and estate:

Special Report

Richard has put all these solutions into his own special report. He calls it “The Estate Planning Guide to Better Sex.”

Racy title. But timeless wisdom.

And when you’re a nationally recognized attorney, you can afford to be more blunt with your facts and opinions.

Yet you’ll get them FREE as part of our unique collection of retirement and estate-planning solutions, “Generational Wealth: Ironclad Protection Against Today’s 4 Biggest Retirement and Estate-Planning Threats.”

Which brings us to the fourth big threat facing you today:

Threat #4:
New Ways Your Estate Can Be Hijacked… Crushing Those You Love

Every family faces financial threats…. both seen and unseen.

Yet there’s a little-known but powerful solution to defend against your wealth being stripped from your family, just when they need it the most.

It helps you…

And you can do all this by implementing one single strategy, if you have the right person guiding you..

That’s where Melodie Gatz comes in. Her expertise is in legacy threats and legacy gifting.

Melodie Gatz:
Legacy Threats and
Legacy Gifting Expert

And her solution is called “The Everlasting Giving Trust.”

An everlasting giving trust is a trust set up by a donor who receives income for life from the trust, and at death, the remaining assets go to charity. This gives you the potential to:

We’ve been at it for 20 years… and continue our rapid growth because of our simple and highly effective solutions.

A fortress around your
retirement and estate

At one time, these estate and lifetime income-protection solutions were only for the ultra-rich.

Yet now, due to changes in the tax code, these planning tools can be just as appealing to some middle-class retirees… especially as the value of their estate grows during retirement.

Special Report

And there’s no one better than Melodie to show you how “The Everlasting Giving Trust” and other charity-based strategies can transform your estate into a fortress of financial security.

Just like the other solutions being offered, Melodie’s protections can be found FREE in our brand-new collection of retirement and estate-planning solutions, “Generational Wealth: Protection Against Today’s 4 Biggest Retirement and Estate-Planning Threats.”

With these powerful solutions in your hands and safely implemented…

Your Retirement and Financial Legacy Can Be Fully Protected Against the 4 Most Devastating Threats You Face Today

Imagine how different your life would be without worries of what’s to come.

With your assets safe inside an impregnable financial fortress, you can embrace your future… instead of fearing it.

Now it’s time to RELAX in comfort… and enjoy the fruits your life’s work has brought you.

That’s because you’re now confident your income, wealth, and family’s future are secure.

And your dreams about your legacy are well on the way to becoming a reality.

As you read this, you realize a new chapter could open up in your life.

And you’re going to enjoy every minute of it, because you’ve made the right decisions for a better future. Your legacy is assured.

Just picture your golden years unfolding before you. It’s the best time of your life, knowing the coming days are brighter than ever.

You begin to realize you can spend more time doing whatever you choose. It may be fishing. Or playing more golf. Or maybe grabbing the grandkids for an afternoon and spoiling them like crazy.

You can finally travel to any place you want. Take that dream vacation.

You realize that true freedom means you can now live your life on your own terms. This means you now have the power to do whatever you want, whenever you want it. You deserve it.

And it all starts with…

Powerful, Proven Retirement and Estate-Planning Solutions… You Can Access Right Away for Free!

I know of no one else presenting four total packages containing comprehensive, crucial, yet easy-to-implement solutions for the most serious retirement and estate threats you face.

Now, you could perhaps find an advisor offering one part of these strategies… but that means searching for three others to piecemeal your retirement and legacy planning together.

And different advisors have different ideas that often conflict with others, which means each advisor may not necessarily be coordinated to serve your unique needs.

This is why I’ve put together a team of four of America’s top estate and retirement planning strategists to work together to give you the comprehensive, updated package I’ve been talking about today: “Generational Wealth: Protection Against Today’s 4 Biggest Retirement and Estate-Planning Threats.”

The protection you’ll get from implementing these simple, effective solutions could save you hundreds of thousands, if not MILLIONS, of dollars in potential losses.

Now, because of the urgency of this information, we’ve arranged a way for you to access the entire Generational Wealth collection – with the very latest wealth strategies and solutions – without spending a single penny.

All we ask in turn is for you to accept…

An Invitation to Preview Our Most Important Service Yet:


I’m proud to announce the launch of an all-new elite service from Eagle Financial Publications.

It’s called Generational Wealth Strategies.

And you’ve been invited to preview it risk-free for 30 days.

Generational Wealth Strategies is an ongoing resource of proven retirement and legacy-planning resources. It’s a newsletter produced each month by the four contributing experts you’ve been introduced to already and who have dedicated their lives to safeguarding people’s wealth from constantly changing dangers…

Financial threats: Safe money expert Todd Phillips


Todd is a recognized expert in safe money investments. Each month he’ll update you about the changing rules for safe money investing, introducing easy, step-by-step, “paint by the numbers” tools that you can readily implement to safely secure your future.

Health threats: Consumer advocate David Phillips


David is a heralded estate-planning quarterback, with 51 years of experience. David and his companies have helped thousands of families protect and maximize their wealth for a better retirement and improved, tax-efficient legacy. He’s well versed in today’s new consumer-friendly financial tools to insulate your assets from unforeseen long-term medical expenses.

Perhaps you have seen David share his expertise on CNN, Fox News, CNBC, Money Talks, or Bloomberg, or read one of his best-selling books.

Legal threats: Attorney Richard Durfee


Richard will keep you updated each month, helping you sidestep the potential asset and estate threats you and your family might face. Richard is recognized nationwide as a pioneer of preventive law strategies and has properly shielded thousands of estates nationwide from creditors, predators, and the IRS.

Legacy threats: Melodie Gatz


Every month, Melodie will share her legacy and gifting expertise in solving tax and legal actions, showing you how to transform your estate into a virtual fortress of financial security that keeps on giving.

Since the rules of retirement and estate planning constantly change, these experts continuously scan the political, legal, and financial landscapes, often detecting threats years in advance…

And each month they’ll keep you up to date with the very latest strategies and solutions.

In other words: Never again will you be blindsided by a financial disaster you didn’t even know existed.

You’ll now be aware of multiple threats long before they even appear on the horizon. And you’ll have simple solutions already in place before almost any problem materializes.

With this near-priceless information, you may now wonder…

What Does an Investment in Generational Wealth Strategies Cost?

Normally, this collection of VIP estate-planning, wealth protection, and retirement maximization resources…

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The frustration of doing
everything on your own…

Add to that even more hours trying to coordinate all the different recommendations you receive, crunching all the numbers, dealing with surly salespeople, and being placed on hold…

And you can see why so many simply give up…

Fortunately, there’s a much better, much more affordable way…

You can save countless hours of frustration… and potentially thousands of dollars in legal and consultant fees… simply by agreeing to a risk-free, 30-day preview of our wealth protection advisory, Generational Wealth Strategies

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Together, these two resources may be the most important planning tools you’ll ever hold in your hands

Fast-Action Bonus #1: It was 2015. David Phillips had just published a groundbreaking report that revolutionized retirement and estate planning:

“The Family Bank Strategy”

Special Report

It was immediately recognized as the new industry standard for building multigenerational wealth.

This is because “The Family Bank Strategy” shows you an easy way to change a single dollar into at least three dollars by:

Now, eight years later, David just released his update, with many additional plans crucial to today’s dangerous financial environment. He calls it “The Family Bank Strategy Revisited.”

And you’ll get access to it free when you accept the 30-day test-drive of Generational Wealth Strategies.

Now let me show you…

Special Report

Fast-Action Bonus #2: This is David and Todd Phillips’ highly touted report: “The Bombshell Battle Plan: How to Defend Against the IRS’s Secret Weapon.”

The IRS’s secret weapon cannot only wage war against your tax-free savings accounts… it could reach out and grab your children’s money up to 10 years after your estate is settled. Stop this IRS bombshell from blowing up your estate.

Together, “The Bombshell Battle Plan” and “The Family Bank Strategy Revisited” will teach you how to build and protect your family wealth fortress.

And for the first 100 people who today take a 30-day risk-free preview of Generational Wealth Strategies…

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Let’s Sum Up Everything You Get

It starts with the 100% free four-part Generational Wealth Strategies collection and your two free bonus resources.

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And remember the centerpiece of your retirement and estate protection:

Monthly Issues of Generational Wealth Newsletter

The four experts behind Generational Wealth Strategies spot threats months – even years – before they become known to the general public.

Finally, you get protection against being blindsided by a financial disaster. Instead, you’ll be prepared with simple solutions long before problems materialize.

Generational Wealth Gurus

As it says in the Bible, “My people perish for a lack of knowledge.” (Hosea 4:6)

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Generation Wealth Benefits

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Generation Wealth Benefits - $77

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Generation Wealth Benefits

Yours for safety and security,

Roger Michalski
Roger Michalski
Publisher, Eagle Financial Publications

P.S. From the first time I saw how David Phillips, Melodie Gatz, Todd Phillips, and Richard Durfee helped people protect their money…

And knowing that too many people were in dire need of estate, asset protection, income, and long-term care planning guidance…

I made it my mission to assemble the top team in America and make their services available at a price everyone can afford. This is my legacy to readers. So go ahead, take a preview of how we can help protect you and your loved ones. Because at the end of the day, that’s everything you’ve worked for… and what we work for.