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Roger Michalski

Roger Michalski:
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Roger Michalski here, publisher of Generational Wealth Strategies.

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  • Worry your legacy may be vulnerable to thieves, con artists, and cheats

Now you can access simple solutions to each of these dangers through our collection of special reports and our ongoing follow-up advisory.

It all starts with…

How to Create Your Own Retirement Time Machine

Never run out of money in retirement with income solutions that don’t put your own wealth at risk.

Leveraged Care Solutions:
Answers to Today’s Long-Term Care Crisis

No more worries about paying for long-term care with “Leveraged Care Solutions”… helping you exploit an IRS secret to slash long-term expenses by a whopping 90%.

The Estate Planning Guide to Better Sex

Make sure the single biggest destroyer of families is stopped dead in its tracks… and strengthen the bonds of your love with this guide.

The Everlasting Giving Trust

Transform your estate into a virtual financial fortress that ensures your legacy will live on through the people you love and the causes you care about.

The Family Bank Strategy Revisited

This fast-action bonus report shows you how to immediately and perpetually multiply the value of your estate by creating tax-free dollars now and a bigger inheritance tomorrow.

The Bombshell Battle Plan: How to Defend Against the IRS’s Secret Weapon

Your second fast-action bonus report reveals how to diffuse the IRS’s secret weapon, set to wage war against your tax-free savings accounts – and even go after your kids’ money – with actions you can take today.

In addition to these special reports, you get an entire year of follow-up reporting on these threats and their solutions through monthly updates in…

Our flagship publication:
Generational Wealth Strategies

You’ll easily avoid future threats with answers from America’s top experts in wealth preservation and growth:


Lifetime income expert Todd Phillips keeps you up to date on the latest lifetime income flows to help ensure you NEVER run out of money in retirement.


Long-term care and estate-planning expert David Phillips gives you the latest strategies to help protect you against soaring health care costs and estate threats.


Legal threat expert Richard Durfee, America’s leading authority on stopping legal threats before they start, has properly shielded thousands of estates nationwide from creditors, predators, and the IRS.


Legacy threat expert Melodie Gatz keeps you on top of using charitable structures to transform your estate into a virtual fortress of financial security that keeps on giving.

With this dream team protecting you from today’s suddenly emerging threats…

Finally, you can sleep well at night with a profound sense of security.

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    The four experts behind Generational Wealth Strategies spot threats months – even years – before they become known to the general public.

    Be prepared with simple solutions long before problems materialize.

  • In-Depth Information Columns: Every month you get in-depth intel from experts Richard Durfee, Todd Phillips, David Phillips, and Melodie Gatz…

    Plus many other experts detailing tips, tricks, and strategies that only the ultra-rich know… but that anyone can use… and EVERYONE needs to understand.

  • Call an Expert: Throughout the year you’ll get a chance to get on a conference call with one of our four experts and other Generational Wealth Strategies members. You can ask the experts your most burning question(s). And even though a consultation with any one of these experts could cost up to $750… you get it FREE with your membership.

  • VIP Access Private Website
  • VIP Access to Our Private Website: You’ll have an encrypted password granting you access to our site, where you’ll find every monthly issue of Generational Wealth Strategies… full access to our library of current and past research reports… educational videos and recordings with the best wealth protection and estate-planning ideas today. View them online… or download them to review at your convenience.

  • Four-Part Generational Wealth Services Collection:

    Four Special Reports
  • Two Fast-Action Bonus Reports:

    2 Bonus Reports

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