About Generational Wealth Strategies

Generational Wealth Strategies is written by four experts to help you increase your retirement prosperity.  Here’s information on each of our experts.

David PhillipsDavid Phillips is a high-profile, nationally recognized consumer advocate with 51 years of experience in insurance, annuities and estate planning.

You may have seen Mr. Phillips help families and investors on CNN, Fox News, CNBC, Money Talks and Bloomberg.

Or read one of his many bestsellers:

  • Disinherit the I.R.S.
  • The Family Bank Strategy
  • Estate Planning Made Easy
  • The 10 Most Common Estate Planning Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
  • The Bombshell Battle Plan
  • How to Defend Against the IRS’ Secret Weapon
  • Leveraged Care Solutions

Mr. Phillips is CEO and founder of Estate Planning Specialists. With clients in every state, his companies give much needed answers to thousands of Americans to properly plan their estates. Mr. Phillips graduated from Brigham Young University.

Todd PhillipsTodd Phillips is the President of Estate Planning Specialists LLC and Phillips Financial Services LLC.

Todd has helped people across America choose optimum insurance and investment options since 1995.

Todd is a recognized expert in safe money investments for even the most complex estate planning tools, such as the Delayed Single Premium Immediate Annuity (DIA). His talent is breaking down these complex plans into simple, step-by-step “paint-by-numbers” tools to make them concise and easy for his large practice of nationwide clients.

An international bestselling author since 2003, Todd co-authored the book Growth Without Risk, Lifetime Income Riders, and updated The Future of Retirement Savings.

Todd has set industry standards with his IRA Leverage Strategy, How to Hedge Against the Coming LTC Crisis, The Bombshell Battleplan, If I had a Million Dollars and How to Create Your Own Retirement Time Machine.

In 1998, Todd graduated with Honors from Arizona State University

Richard DurfeeRichard E. Durfee, attorney to the rich and famous, is principal and founder of Durfee Law Group, PLLC, with a law practice reaching back to 1988. High net-worth clients rely on Rick’s unparalleled expertise in estate, business, and tax law.

Rick’s legendary pioneering work focuses on “preventive law” – creating a framework for lawsuit that can be prevented. He’s also broken new ground in multi-generation dynasty estate planning, tax elimination, and/or minimizing risk management, strategic planning for business… and turning the gift of wealth into a blessing rather than a curse.

He has pioneered the use of “Legal Architecture” to simplify the detailed and complex structures used in Integrated Planning. This innovation has empowered clients to assemble the right planning pieces to work together in a 1-2-3 building-block plan.

Rick is a prolific author, breaking ground with publications including: Your IRA: Asset or Ambush?, Exit Strategies for Business Owners, Leave Your Estate To Your Children Without Ruining Them, Now That You’re In, How Are You Getting Out?, and The Estate Planning Guide to Better Sex.

His vision for his work is to empower his clients to “Live Well, Leave a Legacy.”™

Melodie GatzMelodie Gatz is the president and chief operating officer of Legacy Global Foundation. She consults with family offices and foundations around the world, advising on administration, finance, risk management, controls, planned giving, alternative assets and international transactions and activity.

Over the years, Ms. Gatz has mediated resolutions for organizations, families, and individuals in solving tax, bankruptcy, legal actions, planned giving, and ethical trust violations. She has solved complex tax problems for donors and charities. And Melodie provides education on valuation, acceptance and investment of non-cash and alternative assets for organizations and families.

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